What is a dentist anesthesiologist?

A dentist anesthesiologist is a dentist that completed a CODA Accredited anesthesiology program. With hospital and office-based anesthesia experience, a dentist anesthesiologist is trained in all levels of anesthesia.

Why use a dentist anesthesiologist?

A dentist anesthesiologist can provide safe anesthesia in the comfort of your own dental office, saving you and your patients time and money.

What patients are suitable for office-based anesthesia?

Not all patients are suitable for in office anesthesia. Typically ASA 1 & 2 patients are suitable for anesthesia, however a thorough medical history assessment must be completed prior to the appointment.

What types of anesthesia does RMDA provide?

We provide all levels of anesthesia, from mild sedation to general anesthesia. We can perform open airway or intubated cases depending on the procedure and patient specific needs.

What does my office need to provide for office-based anesthesia?

A few items are necessary to provide an optimal experience. Two sources of oxygen with at least one backup E-cylinder is required. Fully functioning suction is needed along with a BLS certified assistant who is continuously present.

How do I schedule an appointment?

To schedule an appointment, contact us by clicking either "Schedule Now" button  at the top right and the bottom of this page.